• Personal service and perform all work.

  • Do not send out less qualified personnel to do what you ask me to do.

  • Costs are significantly lower than other consultants, even less qualified consultants.

  • Always on time.

  • Professional observations of all work to ensure proper interpretation of sampling results.  Do not set up samplers and then leave the area for the day.

  • Do not bring a second person out with me when one person can do the job.

  • Provide high quality, comprehensive written reports.

  • Provide written reports promptly, often within 48 hours of receiving lab results.

  • Do not forget what you asked for.

  • Work independently, and apply good judgment and experience to make good decisions.

  • Follow directions but don’t have to be told what to do.

  • Communicate and work well with employees, supervision, and management.

  • Provide accurate estimates and do not exceed authorized costs.

What makes Martin Consulting different?

James R. Martin, CIH

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