Traditional Industrial Hygiene

  • Fourteen years of industrial hygiene services for a chemical manufacturing facility.

  • Ten years of industrial hygiene services for a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility including temporary site Industrial Hygienist support and training of three new Industrial Hygienists.

  • Eleven years of industrial hygiene services for two different chemical manufacturing facilities.

  • Eleven years of industrial hygiene and safety services for a pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing facility.

  • Industrial hygiene evaluations for wood dust, formaldehyde, chromium, and isocyanates in several fiber board manufacturing facilities.

  • Air monitoring for hexavalent chromium during welding for numerous companies to evaluate compliance with OSHA standard for hexavalent chromium.

  • Industrial hygiene services for a major biotech company including personal and area monitoring for endotoxins, formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, and formamide.

  • Evaluation of potential employee exposures to silica using dry verses wet concrete drilling methods on a major bridge renovation project.

  • Comprehensive air monitoring surveys for flour dust at a major bakery to evaluate potential employee exposures to flour dust and identify engineering control improvements.

  • Industrial hygiene evaluations for potential airborne and surface contaminants in a semiconductor pump service facility.

  • Industrial hygiene surveys during the loading and unloading of express mail airplanes.

  • Industrial hygiene evaluations at a major airline maintenance facility including compliance issues related to cadmium and expert witness testimony.

  • Industrial hygiene surveys for isoflurane and formaldehyde in numerous research, educational and industrial facilities.

  • Hearing conservation program work including noise exposure evaluations, medical surveillance recommendations, and database work at numerous industrial and construction applications.

  • Industrial hygiene surveys for hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, and sulfuric acid at several chemical manufacturing and chemical recycling facilities.

  • Confined space program work including thousands of confined space assessments, entry training, rescue training, and citation review support.

  • Methylene chloride monitoring and engineering control reviews at numerous industrial applications.

  • Respiratory protection program support including respirator selection, training and fit-testing.

Safety Programs, Site Support, and Inspections

  • Interim safety manager for a major municipal water district including written safety program development, respirator fit testing, confined space training, confined space assessments, hazard communication training, ventilation testing, and industrial hygiene air monitoring at a water treatment plant.Program work included lockout/tagout, injury and illness prevention program, fall protection and ladder safety, bloodborne pathogens and infection control, personal protective equipment, respiratory protection program, confined space program, hearing conservation program, and ergonomics program.

  • Nine years of site industrial hygiene support for a pharmaceutical company including all aspects of their industrial hygiene and safety program, and some environmental compliance support.

  • Five years of site safety support for a pharmaceutical company including inspections, incident reviews, emergency response team support, hot work permits, and training.

  • Health and safety program support for a major university including development of standard operating procedures (SOPs), compliance reviews, pre-inspections, and general preparations for OSHA inspections, program development and training related to laboratory handling of active pharmaceutical ingredients, hazard and PPE assessments, chemical inventory and database management, regulatory compliance and reporting support.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Indoor environmental quality investigations in response to numerous occupant health complaints in many industrial and non-industrial work environments.

  • Physical inspections and air monitoring for mold, bacteria, and coliform in numerous work environments.

 Pharmaceutical Industry/Potent Compound Containment Testing

  • Containment evaluations for pharmaceutical applications prior to and during handling of Category 3 and 4 active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

  • Isolator containment testing (factory and on-site).

  • Containment studies of powders weigh hoods and gloveboxes prior to use for potent compounds.

  • Industrial hygiene and containment testing for a new process involving finely milled drug powder.

  • Glovebox systems support to refurbish, test, and train users for handling of potent compounds.

  • Comprehensive health risk assessments for pharmaceutical drug research and production processes.

Health and Safety Training

  • Initial and ongoing training for a pharmaceutical/biotech company including new employee training, active pharmaceutical ingredient training, drug-specific training, LOTO training, laser safety training, hazard communication training, chemical hygiene training, hot work permit training, emergency response training, emergency evacuation training, hazardous waste training, radiation safety training, and respiratory protection training.

  • Developed and conducted health and safety training for a biotech/pharmaceutical company including on-line training modules. Training subjects included drug specific training, hazard communication, chemical hygiene, lockout/tagout, confined space awareness, respiratory protection, methylene chloride, and ergonomics.

  • Hazard Communication training for semiconductor industry and glass manufacturing facility.

  • Developed and provided hands-on powders weigh hood training for laboratory and manufacturing personnel at five different pharmaceutical industry sites.

  • Managed, developed and edited on-line training programs for industrial client.  Ongoing project support.  Topics have included biosafety, chemical hygiene, fall protection and ladder safety, office ergonomics, laser safety, lockout/tagout, materials handling and storage, preventing back injury, formaldehyde, methylene chloride, and respiratory protection training.

EH&S Program Reviews/Audits/Policy Development

  • Developed, reviewed, and updated EH&S Programs and Policies for numerous companies.

  • Participated in an EH&S chemical plant audit as part of a team of auditors with responsibility for all industrial hygiene program issues.

  • Provide ongoing site EH&S Program inspections for two different industrial companies.

  • Developed and provided internal self-assessment audits for EH&S program elements.

Ventilation System Testing and Evaluations

  • Ventilation testing of all chemical hoods, local exhaust, and powders weigh hoods for numerous chemical manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies including recalibrations of air flow monitors.

  • Evaluation of ventilation and containment controls in many industrial and construction applications.

  • Ventilation system trouble shooting and problem solving.

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response

  • On-site representative for a major oil company at a municipal construction site involving excavation in areas of known soil contamination.

  • Developed a Health and Safety Plan for a site cleanup project including soil contaminated with lead and other metals related to a historical firing range.

  • Developed other Health and Safety Plans for a variety of hazardous waste operations sites.

Lead-Based Paint and Other Lead-Related Projects

  • Lead Compliance Programs for bridge, tank renovation, and highway construction projects.

  • Lead training for lead workers in various industrial and construction applications.

Ergonomics and Other Physical Factors

  • Ergonomic evaluations for a major city and county in Northern California. Approximately 60 evaluations performed per year for three years.

  • Ergonomic evaluations for biotech and pharmaceutical companies on an as needed basis.

Experience - Summary (1997 - 2015)

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